What We're About

The Edith Lando Charitable Foundation was begun by Edith Lando and is dedicated to fostering the self esteem of children. For this years, It has also recently become active in aiding immigration services.

Edith was a true philanthropist and visionary. Throughout her life--but especially in her later years--her goal and passion was to to help people, especially children, develop to their fullest, always believing in their potential.

Since her passing, The Foundation is being administered by her four children. We continue to look for new and effective ways of giving young people of all walks of life a more positive self image. To this end it has supported a wide range of projects such as teacher training, the development and expansion of specialised programs in schools. The foundation has also backed projects combatting child abuse, bullying, and encouraging child development and welfare.

In addition, it has provided substantial aid to the Immigrant Services Society of British Columbia.

To sum up, The Foundation generally looks for programs that would help children to think more about how they deal with one another, and encourage adults to treat children with more understanding and compassion. We wiill be posting further information about recent Foundation grants. 

The Foundation focuses on the Lower Mainland of B.C. amd is generally not open to proposals from other countries. Projects must be from officially  recognized charities. We are open to all types of programs, but particularly welcome projects where we feel The Foundation's support really makes a difference, though we do support major organizations as well. The average amount of the grants is $5,000, though we have also given much larger amounts for other outstanding causes that we choose to support.

We request that all proposals include the organization's Canadian Charity Number, as well as contact information for the oragnization itself.

Grants from The Foundation are awarded twice a year, March 31st and September 30th. We request therefore that applications be submitted by March 1st and September 1st . For Application Forms and information please Click Here.

Lando Foundation News

Major Grant to U.B.C. Department of Education.

In February, 2005, the Edith Lando Foundation made its largest grant ever, a five year commitment to the Department of Education of the University of British Columbia. To Read More about this and other Foundation Projects, Click Here



























More About Edith Lando

Edith was born in Winnipeg, Canada but spent most of her life in Vancouver where she played a dynamic role in the Community and was awarded the prestigious Order of Canada for her lifetime work in 1996.

For an account of Edith's life and work, Click Here.



























Ottawa, Oct.1994