1.What are the general goals of your organization?

2. What is the proposal you are presenting to the Edith Lando Charitable Foundation?
[In general but concise terms, take us through your proposal. Explain the current
situation, the need, or the opportunity that exists. Tell us what your organization plans to do and why. Most important, tell us how it relates to the goal of increasing self-esteem in children.

3. What are your key projects objectives? [Objectives should be specific, actionable, results oriented and time-bound.]

4. What is the deadline for each of your objectives?

5. Please give us a break down of expenses.

6. Keeping in mind, that our aim is to make a difference with the Foundation grants, how will the amount the Foundation gives you make a difference to what your organization is or is not able to do?

7. Could a grant from the Edith Lando Charitable Foundation be used by your organization to raise counterpart funds?

8. Is this a one-time grant you are seeking?

9. Do you have any other funding partners involved in the project, or in other projects you have undertaken?

10. Does your organization have a board of directors or supervisors? If yes, would you please listtheir names and tell us how at least two or three could be contacted.

11. What references can you give us of other people in your community who could vouch
for the project your are presenting as well as other projects you have undertaken?

Please email the completed application to or mail it to:

Roberta Beiser, 1499 Angus Drive, Vancouver, B.C. V6H1V2